Ways to be Active with Friends

Everything’s better with friends… and that includes fitness! Working out alone can get mundane and repetitive, but when you add some friends to the mix, it makes fitness more interesting and enjoyable. But, sometimes it can be hard to find an activity everyone can participate in and actually enjoy.


It’s only natural for you and your friends to be at different activity levels. Not only that, but everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to fitness. Maybe some of your friends have really good endurance and can run for miles at a time while others enjoy higher intensity workouts in short intervals.


It can be hard to find ways to be active with your friends who are at all different activity levels, but that’s where we can help! Here are some fun ideas of how you can be active with your friends no matter what activity level you are:




Not only is hiking a great way to connect with nature, it’s a great way to connect with your friends! Nothing brings people together quite like hiking a beautiful trail and embracing adventure. Hiking can really get your heart pumping and legs burning… It’s a great workout! Research some trails in your area and gather a group of friends. Try sticking to a beginner level trail at first so you can get a gauge of how everyone is doing. If anyone is getting tired, take breaks along the way and soak in the view! Embrace the beauty around you and enjoy each other’s company.


Want to get even closer? Make a camping trip out of it! Put your survival skills to good use by camping out in tents or hammocks (or go glamping a cabin, we won’t judge!). But remember, safety first! Make sure to plan ahead and take all safety precautions to ensure a good time!


SUP or Kayaking


Hit the beach! Enjoy the sun, sand and waves with your friends while still getting in a good workout. Go on a SUP, also known as stand up paddle board, adventure with a group of pals. It’s easy to find a SUP rental shop around any beach or lake, so make a day trip with your gal pals and soak in the sun! It’s a great workout that is doable no matter what your activity level is.


Don’t think you are coordinated enough for SUP? That’s ok, kayaking is always an alternate option! Get single kayaks and race your friends, or get a few doubles and row out to an island for a nice picnik!




Reconnect with your center while enjoying time with friends! Yoga is great for all activity levels because you can take it at whatever pace you’d like. Yoga consists of various poses and stretches that strengthen you body and bring peace to your mind. I mean, there’s not many other workouts that actually help you to relax while you’re doing them! You can head to a local yoga studio with your friends and take a class from a professional, it’s super easy and usually pretty reasonable! But, if you’re on a tight budget, everyone can buy their own yoga mat for about $10-$20 and head to someone’s house. Search youtube to find a beginner video and do it all in the comfort of your own homes. Maybe the host will even agree to make you all lunch afterward!


Have fun!


What activities do you like to do with your friends? Have you tried any of these? Let us know about it for a chance to be featured!

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