3 Summertime Activities That Are So Fun, You’ll Forget You’re Working Out!

Ah, can you believe it’s finally starting to get warm again? I don’t know about you, but I get excited every time the seasons change. With each new season comes new outfits to show off, new holidays to celebrate, and new foods to enjoy!


One of my favorite seasonal transitions is springtime into summertime. You know that feeling, the one you get on the first “t-shirt weather” day of the year. It’s a glorious moment when you can finally walk outside and feel the sunshine on your skin again after months of being bundled up. Now, that’s heavenly!


During the winter I tend to stick to the same indoor workouts, but warmer weather gives me the perfect opportunity to switch it up! Don’t get me wrong, I love riding my stationary bike, but it’s nice to swap out my view of a TV screen for one of an actual road! And now that the sun has finally decided to stick around for a while, I’ll take any excuse I can to go out and soak it all in!


There are a plethora of fun summer activities available to us, and did you know that many of them can also double as a great workout? The best part about these activities is the fact that you are having so much fun, you hardly realize you’re also burning a crazy number of calories!


Here are 3 of my favorite outdoor summer activities that also double as great workouts:


  1. Ultimate Frisbee


We all know those people who live and breathe ultimate frisbee. But you know what? You don’t have to be a hardcore fanatic of the game to enjoy it! Check the weather, find a field, and gather other casual frisbee players to get a game going. It can be fun to organize a one-time game, but if your friends really enjoy it, you should consider making it a weekly occurrence!


All of the running and throwing that a game of ultimate frisbee requires will help to get your heart rate up and your body sweating!


  1. Kayaking


Now this is a fun one! I love going on “adventure” dates with my husband where we pack up our kayaks and explore different islands along the intercoastal waterways of Wilmington. Don’t live near the coast? Well, the great thing about kayaking is that you can do it in any decent sized body of water! In fact, I bet there’s a park close enough to where you live that has a pond large enough for a good afternoon of kayaking! Don’t have kayaks? Don’t worry! There are plenty of shops and stands that pop up in the summer months and offer daily kayak rentals at reasonable prices.


A quick warning: keep in mind that if you decide to go on a kayaking adventure, you should take at least one other person with you! Kayaking can be dangerous and you should never go alone… especially in rough waters! That being said, kayaking through bumpy waves takes a lot of energy, making it a great way to burn calories and even let off some steam!


  1. Tennis


Release some of that built-up anger by whacking a tennis ball around for a few hours! You don’t have to be a professional or own all of that high-end equipment to play a good game. In fact, you don’t even have to play by the official rules if you don’t want to! Just grab a friend, head to a nearby park, and run through some volleys for a while. All of the running, hitting, and grunting not only burns calories, but it’s also a great stress reliever after a long week!


What are your favorite ways to work up a sweat in the summer? Let us know in the comments section!


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