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Our goal here at FetchFit is to create a strong community of like-minded women who highly value their health and happiness. We believe in the importance of nurturing our bodies in a healthy way by eating clean, working out, and challenging ourselves both mentally and physically. Society has plenty of things to say about us, but we want to seek out the real truth. We are determined to focus on the things in life that hold the most value and therefore create healthy habits and develop a positive body image.


We believe that God has created all women beautifully even though each of us has a unique body type, shape, and appearance. No matter what kind of body we have, we are all children of God and therefore have been specifically created in His image for His divine purpose. We know every woman is beautiful and that each one of us is deeply loved by Him.


We invite you, the FetchFit community, to join us in our adventure! And, don’t forget to bring along your furry companion if you have one. We want to be an encouraging, safe place for all women to develop a biblical perspective on health and fitness, while at the same time bonding with your favorite furkid(s)!


Companionship with dogs is something near and dear to our hearts. Personally, I have grown up with dogs all my life and couldn’t wait to get my own dog as soon as I moved out on my own. My two border collies, who I loving call my “furkids”, have always been a physical (and fluffy) comfort to me throughout even during my darkest times. They provide  me with comfort and unbiased listening ears. Even though they may not understand everything I tell them, they are my confidants. My furkids help keep me active, positive, and it fills me with joy everytime I wake up to their cold wet noses and sloppy puppy kisses.


Even if you aren’t a dog mom, I believe that you can benefit greatly from what we have to say here. We may not have everything figured out, but I hope that you will join us on our journey to a healthier lifestyle while remaining both positive and realistic. Our bodies are temples, so if we don’t treat them with the respect they need, then how are we supposed to honor God or do His work well?


We are here to share helpful articles, workouts, and information on dog lifestyle related topics with our readers. We believe it’s so important to be spiritually fit and become strong women of God, not only physically, but in our hearts as well. Even if you are not a follower of Christ, we want to welcome you with open arms. We are not here to judge or shove anything in your face. We are all on our own journeys, and no one here is “perfect” or “has it all together”. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We want to be here for each one of you and will try our best to answer everything honestly and truthfully.


Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We look forward to continuing our journey to a fitter lifestyle with you!


Lauren Henderson

Founder of FetchFit


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