The 2 Animal Safety Cards Every Pet Parent Needs To Have

Ok, I can’t even handle the thought of my dog being in danger and my stomach is already in knots just writing this sentence. But things happen, and that old adage “it’s better to be safe than sorry” really speaks volumes. This is why pet safety cards are so important.


There are two cards that every pet parent should have. The first is an emergency wallet card which can save your pets in case something unfortunate were to ever happen to you (I know, it’s awful to think about, but precautions should still be taken). A first responder should see this card in your wallet and know you have a pet that is potentially home alone.


This card should get straight to the point and say something along the lines of “My pet is home alone” in bold letters at the top. Then, either underneath the bold letters or on the back of the card, there should be a few pieces of information. First, list your name and the address where your pet or pets can be found. Next, list how many pets are there, the types of pets you have, and your pet’s name(s). Finally, write down an emergency contact that can assist in caring for your pets at the bottom of the card (this could be a relative, friend, spouse, or even your veterinarian).


This card should be placed in the front of your wallet where it can be easily spotted. Also, you can laminate a smaller card that simply reads “My pet is home alone” and attach it to your key chain. For this card, you may not want to list your address in case you lose your keys or someone steals them. However, this key chain should still do the job of alerting first responders and lead them to look for the matching card in your wallet. You can download one of our free printables down below, fill it out, laminate it and stick it in your wallet.


Download: My Pet Is Home Alone Wallet Card in Red

Download: My Pet Is Home Alone Wallet Card in Black


The second type of card that every pet owner needs to have is an “In case of emergency card” that should be present on or near your front door. Again, I hate to even think about it, but this card will alert any police or firefighters who come to your home that there are animals inside who need to be rescued. You can buy a sticker or a vinyl decal online from places like The Pet Care Card or Amazon, then just check off whichever boxes apply to your pets. Make sure this card is easy to see, you may even want to put a few more of them on different windows and outside-facing doors around your home.



Having these two vital cards can save your animals and lessen the blow of an already unfortunate situation. Please keep yourself and your animals safe!


Do you have any pet safety tips you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments or send them to us in  a message. We want to help every pet owner know the best ways to keep their pets safe… help us help others!

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